Bourjois – Volume Glamour Max Mascara

I came across Bourjois’s Volume Glamour Max Mascara on a 3 for 2 in Superdrug. I had previously been using another Bourjois mascara that I was quite happy with as it gave my extra fine eyelashes a much thicker blacker edge. However I have recently been wearing less eye make-up and been going more au natural, so I have been searching for a mascara that gives me pretty fluttery eyelashes. I think this does the job nicely.

I am particularly fussy about the shape of the wand on a new mascara but this one is shaped beautifully. The formula is nice and light but not thin and the pay off is great. This literally is one coat of mascara.

Not bad for under £10!

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One thought on “Bourjois – Volume Glamour Max Mascara

  1. Kate says:

    This mascara looks great! You’re review had made me want to go and buy some! Thanks Toni

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