Sleek Face Contour Kit

 I am a big fan of Sleek products. They offer quality at competitive prices. You will see more reviews to follow about their i-divine’s as they are a favourite of mine and I am regularly buying them as gifts. Today I will be reviewing this contour kit that I have purchased in ‘Light’. I do also own ‘Medium’ for when I am slightly more tanned.

This is one of my everyday go to products. I like the contemporary packaging. Sleek is a slightly edgier brand and the root always seems to be, in my opinion, quite Urban.

Some people have a problem with the highlighter being too white but this works perfectly on my pale skin. It has a slight goldness to it and reminds me a little of Nars ‘Albatross’ highlighter. Its not close enough to be dupable but its definitely a good alternative. It has quite a shine to it and some glitteryness so it might be best to pair this with a matt lipstick or shadow or you might end up looking like a glitter ball.

The contour shade is a bit muddy coloured but with a good buffing brush you can blend it in to your skin quite nicely. I would recommend using a fixing spray afterwards as you could end up with glitter on your fingers every time you touch your face.

All in all this is a bargain at £6.49. It can be purchased at or at your local Superdrug store.

Wax & Kohl Rating: 4/5

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