Revlon Lip Butters

 “A buttery balm with beautiful shiny colour to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips”

The texture is definitely buttery but perhaps on the slightly greesy side. They feel moisturising when you first put them on but they don’t seem to fill all the requirements of a lipstick or a lip balm. I don’t disagree that they are beautifully soft but the colour payoff isn’t great and the staying power is poor. Neither does it provide repairing ingredients or protection from the sun.

I don’t love the packaging either. It has a quilted design on two faces of the outer plastic but I think they look pretty cheap for Revlon. Certainly not in-keeping with their usual boutique branding.

 Swatched with flash.

From Left to Right: Cotton Candy, Sugar Frosting, Raspberry Pie, Pink Truffle, Creme Brûlée, Strawberry Shortcake, Cupcake, Peach Parfait.

This review may sound like a bad one but I don’t hate this product, I just had very high expectations that weren’t completely met. I expected beautiful work-safe colours that I could throw on that would leave my lips shiny and hydrated. Aesthetically the lip butters do just that but it doesn’t last longer than 10mins.

 Cotton Candy: A lovely baby pink with a blue undertone.

 Sugar Frosting: This is the easiest shade to wear. Practically translucent. Nice for a natural look.

 Raspberry Pie: This is probably my least favourite colour. I bought this because I don’t have anything in this shade. Now I know why…. this is the wrong shade for me.

 Pink Truffle: This is my second favourite shade. It’s a dusty beige pink.

 Creme Brûlée: A very wearable peach beige.

 Strawberry Shortcake: A very pretty pink with a bit more depth than the other shades.

 Cupcake: I can barely tell the difference between this shade and Cotton Candy but I think Cotton candy has slightly better colour pay off.

 Peach Parfait: This is my favourite lip butter. I love the name. The colour is an autumn peach with a slight shimmer. Also, its the shade Emma Stone models in the campaign and she looks incredible. Not sure how the sugar sticks fits in to the ad though? Thoughts?

Wax & Kohl Rating: 2/5 (Sorry Revlon. We still love you).


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