Rodial and Vichy Samples

Rodial’s 5 Minute Facial

I tend to avoid sachet samples like the plague.. for some reason they irritate me. Perhaps because they are so small and stingy that you can’t get a real feel for the product because the amount given to you doesn’t cover your whole face…

Well that’s exactly how I felt when I started to use this sample. It says to apply the clay mask all over your face and neck but I could only stretch this one sachet over my T zone. Luckily I had two so I was able to thinly cover my whole face. This immediately put me in a bad mood because I like to apply clay masks generously and I always take my facial products down my neck as well. After all it is supposed to feel like you are pampering yourself.

My other issue was that the mask smelt like limestone (if you know how that smells) and had small granules in it. Since I wasn’t using an exfoliater (which I rarely use anyway because I don’t like abrasive products on my skin) I couldn’t see a reason for needing them. See the small hiccup with lack of product in the sachet had set me up to hate this sample before I gave it a fair chance (take note Rodial).

However.. When the mask dried my skin felt all tingly and firm but not solid and it did not crack. I have very sensitive skin so I am more often than not allergic to moat masks. I was pleasantly surprised when I had no reaction to this product. I washed it off after about 5ish minutes with my fingers (as instructed) and realised that the granules gently exfoliated my skin while I washed the product off. It wasn’t unpleasant at all.

My skin felt soft, plump and looked illuminated, just as if I had paid £50 for a nice facial in a posh spa.

I was thoroughly impressed with the results and was shocked that its only £10.95 for the full size. I would definitely purchase this.

Wax & Kohl Rating: 5/5

Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum

I decided to use this serum after the 5 minute facial and I have to say I was quite dubious.. I’m not keen on the whole ‘snake’ connection and I had another presumption that it would be highly fragrant and I would have a reaction to it… Wrong again.

For starters, unlike the 5 minute facial sample, this sample had loads of product in it and comfortably covered my whole face and neck. Lovely. It did smell quite a lot like Royal Jelly, which I don’t particularly like but it was ok. It made my skin feel tighter immediately which wasn’t 100% comfortable but I have to say.. my skin looked great. I was again pleasantly surprised by such good results. Firm, healthy and soft skin.

The only real downside is the price. It’s £29 which I think is quite pricey for a Serum. Especially since a serum is not completely necessary to your skin regime. And I can pick one of my favourite’s up from Soap and Glory for under £15. Nevertheless I would say , in my opinion, that it is probably worth it.

You can purchase both Rodial products from

Wax & Kohl Rating 4/5

Vichy Idealia Day Care Cream

I used this moisturiser after using the Rodial Snake Serum. I don’t like moisturiser that you have to dip your finger into as you are affectedly putting bacteria into your lovely face cream. Not very hygienic. Its fine for a sample but the full size 50ml is a pot as well. So I would advise using a clean ear bud to get out some product and not double dipping.

The moisturiser had a nice subtle fresh and fruity scent that I liked a lot. It was calming and gentle. The consistency wasn’t too thick and spread very easily. My skin felt very comfortable afterwards and looked radiant. It felt soft and moisturised and I was very happy with the results.

Its £25 for the full 50ml which is a little expensive but not completely unreasonable if you can make it last.

You can purchase it from Boots Pharmacy.

Wax & Kohl Rating 4.5/5

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