Revlon Lipstick Review


Around October time I purchased the above five lipsticks by Revlon. Although I had known about the brand for a long time, I had never really invested any time in to looking at what they had to offer. A big mistake on my part. My attention was drawn to them after watching one of Lisa Eldridge’s Beauty video’s (If you haven’t heard of her, as unlikely as that is, i suggest you take a look at her work. She is a genius). In this particular video she used the shade ‘Nude Attitude’.


These 5 are my favourite from the collection. Three creme finishes and two Matte.

From Left to Right:

*665 Choco-Liscious: This chocolate creme shade has been great over the winter period. Its rich and warm and something different to wear in the evening.

*025 Skyline Pink: For those that like sheer nude/pink lips. This looks great with smoky eyes.

*477 Black Cherry: An on trend berry shade that is a real crowd stopper.

*001 Nude Attitude: A classic matte nude. This shade can be unforgiving on dry lips.

002 Pink Pout: My most worn lipstick out of the five. A perfect matte pink that can give an instant femininity to an everyday look.

I also like the shades ‘Mink’ and ‘Smoked Peach’ so check those ones out as well.

The packaging is unfussy but sleek. I like that the matte lipsticks have matte packaging and the creme lipsticks have shiny packaging. It makes choosing a shade quickly in the morning that little bit easier.

For those of you that prefer make-up without a scent, these are perfect for you. They also don’t have a horrible taste. The creme shades have a moisturising finish which makes them very easy to throw on when your in a hurry. Be careful with the matte ones though as any dry patches will be very noticeable. I would advise exfoliating your lips with a cue tip prior to application.

They can be bought from most Boots or Superdrugs for around £7.99

Wax & Kohl Rating: 4/5

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