Revlon Balm Stain


I was very happy when Revlon released their version of a crayon balm stain. Its more hydrating than Rimmels alternative and cheaper than Clinique’s. I love how playful the packaging is. It literally takes me back to pre-school holding these big colourful crayons in my hand. I love colouring my lips in. They twist easily at the bottom which saves on the mess and hassle of a massive crayon sharpener.

They have a minty fresh scent, which I like a lot and give your lips a nice tingle. The colour pay off is light and they start off sheer after application and dry off to a matte finish. I generally prefer a matte finish anyway.

The pointed end makes it easy to get a perfect line around your lips and the flat edge is great for filling in the rest of the colour quickly and effortlessly.


I purchased the colours (from left to right):

*Crush: Another berry shade that I’ve worn a lot through the winter period. This is my favourite of the collection.

*Rendezvous: This is quite a soft coral on the lips. This is not the best shade on pale tones like myself and I can’t say that I have worn it yet. I think if your pale but have more of a yellow skin tone than this might suit you better than someone with a pink undertone.

*Darling: I thought this was going to be a blue-toned pink but its actually quite natural and delicate on the lips. Nice for giving you a subtle colour.



I only have a slight niggle with stains and thats they seem to suck the moisture from your lips and can be quite unforgiving if your lips are a little dry. However I do feel that the revlon stain is one of the best options on the market for its price.

You can buy them at most Superdrug’s or Boot’s for £7.99

Wax & Kohl Rating: 3.5/4

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