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Laura Mercier Supreme Oil-Free Foundation Review + Swatches

Last Year I popped into Space NK and decided to make my first Laura Mercier purchase. I had heard a lot of positive feedback about the brand and was eager to try something. I am a foundation junkie and am forever searching for ‘The One’ that will give me a completely flawless complexion. I was already aware that the tinted moisturiser was a hit but was looking for something with a little more coverage, so I picked up the Supreme oil-Free foundation. A consultant picked out the shade ‘Porcelain Ivory’. She asked me if I would like her to try it on me and I made the mistake of not reminding her to remove the foundation on my face. I was very pleased with the results… obviously, because my foundation was already ¬†providing my face with great coverage.


I bought the Laura Mercier foundation which was very expensive. About £30 if I remember correctly.

When I got home the foundation began to collect around my nose and chin area like I had covered the entire surface of my skin in clay. It was uncomfortable and looked horrendous. Realising my mistake I removed the entire mess of mass-make-up from my face and started again with my moisturiser and new foundation.

The product was a nightmare to put on. A thick texture that was near on impossible to work into the skin. I looked like I had dipped my face into a bowl of Angel delight.


Below is a picture of the foundation after I have attempted to work it into my skin. I can see this foundation working for people that work on-stage and need something industrial to stay-on and be visible from a distance. But as an everyday foundation this just wasn’t for me.


Have you had any positive or negative responses with this foundation?

Do you know of a better alternative by Laura Mercier?

Wax & Kohl Rating: 2/5

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